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Monday to Friday.

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Where are we?
Come and visit us in our cellar, our staff will be pleased to assist you and advise you in choosing!

Hours of operation
Saturday: 09.00-12.00 | Monday-Friday: 8.00-12.00/13.00-17.30

Head Office and Cellars:
Via F.lli Facchetti, 91-25033 Cologne (BS) Italy

(pick up and delivery of cargo/sending correspondence)

Tours are divided into paper tickets:

  • € 14 12 coupon giallo
    Cellar tour + 2 flute Franciacorta.
  • 20 18 coupon verde
  • cellar tour + 3 flute Franciacorta.
  • 36  30 coupon granata
  • cellar tour + 5 flute Franciacorta

  • Booking only by Email
    Enter your phone number, date and time.
    At least 72 hours before in writing via email to:

    Riccardo Fratus – Cell. 392.7935584

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